Welcome to Home Connect and a new way of living.

With Home Connect, you can control your appliance easily and intuitively using your smartphone or tablet. Whether you want to preheat the oven from your office or you want to know whether your dishwasher needs some more rinse aid while you are in the supermarket – all these things are already possible with Home Connect. And that’s not all. Home Connect offers a whole range of functions that go far beyond remotely controlling your household appliances: you’ll be given tips and tricks on using the appliances and suitable accessories which you can order in just a few clicks, as well as recipe ideas, information on the status of your appliances and technical support help for any malfunctions.

Home Connect uses wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) to connect your household appliances with your smartphone or tablet.
You just need a device with Home Connect functionality and the app that you are able to download for free for iOS and Android.

With the advanced app for your household appliances, you can now control the important functions offered by our appliance even when out and about. So not only can you start or stop appliances, but also pause them or run programmes one after the other. You can also check the status of your appliance at any time so you know how far the programme has got and whether you’ve really turned the appliance off or not. Home Connect is divided into three sections that offer far more than just remote control

Try out demo mode!
Even if you don’t have an appliance with Home Connect, you can still try out our app. Just select the integrated demo mode and experience all the features: For instance, how you can look inside your refrigerator or switch on your oven when you’re away from home. There’s also a selection of recipes as well as tips and tricks related to cooking.