PerfectCook, one of the Bosch induction cooktops cooking Assist functions. A quick and easy way to select the best way to prepare your food.

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What is PerfectCook?

With PerfectCook, your are allowed to:

  • heat food
  • cook at low heat
  • boil
  • cook with a pressure cooker
  • and fry with plenty of oil in a pot
all with total control over the temperature.

The sensors measure the temperature of the pot or pan continuously. This allows the power to be controlled with great precision to maintain the desired temperature and provide perfect cooking results. No more overcooked steak or milk boiling over. Just select the desired temperature and let the PerfectCook do the rest.

The PerfectCook feature allows you to select the best way to prepare every food as you wish.

Bosch HEZ39050 - accessory  - wireless temperature sensor
This wireless temperature sensor -HEZ39050- is required in order for you to use the cooking functions. Please note that the wireless sensors (HEZ39050) to attach on your cookpot are sold as an optional accessory.

How does the PerfectCook function and the Bosch wireless temperature sensor work?

  1. Place the wireless temperature sensor on your cookware.
  2. Place the pot with an adequate amount of liquid on the cooking zone and cover it with a lid.
  3. Press the PerfectCook symbol on the wireless temperature sensor.
    A PerfectCook sensor lights up on the display.
  4. Select the cooking zone on the display.
  5. Select the temperature level of the desired cooking function.
  6. Wait until the water or oil has reached the appropriate temperature.
    The heating process is shown on the display. Then a signal sounds.
  7. Remove the lid and add the food. Cook with the lid on.
PerfectCook setting info by ImportAppliances and Bosch induction cooktops

Tip; If you use the Frying function in a pot with a lot of oil, keep the lid off whilst frying.

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