PerfectFry, one of the Bosch induction cooktops cooking Assist functions. A quick and easy way to select the best way to prepare your food.

What is PerfectFry?

PerfectFry helps you fry your food at a consistent temperature.
You'll never have overcooked food.

The FryingSensor feature reports when the empty frying pan has reached the optimum temperature for adding oil and then for adding the food. The cooktop also only heats up when required to maintain the temperature. This saves energy and prevents oil or fat from overheating.

What do you need to PerfectFry?

How does PerfectFry work?

PerfectFry setting info by ImportAppliances and Bosch induction cooktops

  1. Place the empty frying pan on the cooking zone.
  2. Select the cooking zone on the display.
  3. Select the heating type PerfectFry „Frying sensor“.
  4. Select the desired frying setting.
  5. Wait until the frying temperature is reached. The heating process is shown on the display. Then a signal sounds.
  6. Put the fat in the frying pan and start frying.

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