To achieve the best results with your cooktop it's important to use correct cookware. These days lots of cookware is available on the market, but unfortunately not all cookware will give the same results.

The basic requirements which cookware must meet in order to achieve the best performance:

  • Size;
    The base of the pan should match the size of the hotplate.
    If the pan is too small, it will not be recognised. If your pot is too large, your cooktop won't be able to give it enough heat.
    Attention; cookware manufacturers generally refer, for the size of cookware, to the top rim of your pot or pan, but the diameter of the base is more important! How to measure the diameter of your cookware? Use a tape measure, held straight across the centre of your cookware's base.
  • Material;
    Only use ferromagnetic cookware: to test whether a pot or pan is suitable for use on your induction cooktop, hold a magnet to the base of the pan. I f the magnet sticks, the pan is suitable. This is mainly for induction cooktops;
    stainless steel with a base that can be magnetised For induction cooking it's important to only use ferromagnetic cookware
  • Shape;
    To achieve a good cooking result, the ferromagnetic area on the base of the pan should match the size of the cooktop. As only the ferromagnetic (or touching area) of your cookware will heat up.

Manufacturers often recommend using cookware available as optional accessories. These pots and pans are specially designed to give you the best cooking results, they will also be great quality items that will last you a long time (unlike cheaper cookware you can buy in your local shops).