Are you an adventures cook? Always keen to try something new? Then this article is written for you. As we’ll explain to you how you can cook salmon in your dishwasher!

Steam salmon in your dishwasher?! It sounds a bit crazy and to be honest also a bit of a scary. But let's check it out!

Where to start?

  1. Wrap the salmon tightly in aluminium foil.
    Make sure no water or dishwasher soap can get near your food.
  2. Place your packaged salmon packet on the top rack of your dishwasher.
  3. Run your dishwasher on a regular cycle.
    When the cycle is done, your salmon is cooked and ready to eat.


  • Don’t forget to add dishwasher tablets and clean your dishes while you cook dinner!
  • Why not activate an extra drying programme if you like your salmon well-cooked?
  • Turn your office dishwasher into a steam oven and amaze your co-workers with a tasty lunch.

Although your dishwasher can handle the job, some of you might prefer a more traditional way to cook their salmon. No worries, check out our wide range of steam ovens! Ideal for cooking healthy meals; Steam fish, vegetables and more. Are you a more advanced cook? Then check out our Vacuum cooking drawers ideal for sous-vide cooking!

Let us know if you’ve tried to cook salmon in your dishwasher! Did you like the taste? What cycle did you use? Feel free to post a photo on our Facebook page!