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AEG Stainless Steel Combi Steam oven KSK788280M

AEG Stainless Steel Combi Steam oven KSK788280M

AEG Stainless Steel Combi Steam oven KSE998290M

AEG Stainless Steel Combi Steam oven KSE998290M

AEG Black Combi Steam oven KSK798280B

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    Free express shipping to Hong Kong:
    Free express shipping to Hong Kong icon This item is entitled to free express shipping by FedEx/TNT from Europe to anywhere in Hong Kong (you will receive a tracking number). Shipping to Hong Kong usually only takes 3 to 4 days. Please keep in mind that most products need to be sourced from the manufacturer first, which usually takes 1-3 weeks. Click on the icon on the left for more information on shipping.

    Product features

    Combi steam: conventional oven and steam oven:
    Combi steam: conventional oven and steam oven icon 1+1=3; Two ovens in one appliance and that's not all. This oven is both a full multifunctional oven and a steam oven. Not only can you use this appliance as a regular oven or use it for juicy steam dishes, you can also combine both regular and steam functions. Dishes that are prepared with steam have a tender and juicy flavour. Since no additional fat is required for cooking, the texture, colour, aroma, vitamins and minerals are optimally preserved.

    Heating methods:
    Heating methods iconOven with 25 heating methods. For more info, please check the manual or contact us.

    sousvide icon This oven allows for SousVide cooking. Your food is vacuum-sealed with all seasoning or marinades, then cooked at a low temperature, with precisely controlled steam heat. There is no loss of flavour or moistness whatsoever letting you achieve the best possible texture and flavour, every time again.

    steampro iconThis SteamPro oven uses its food probe together with a low level of steam and the hot air function, to create dishes that have a crispy texture but are juicey and tender inside.

    steamify iconWith this steamify oven, you discover so many ways of cooking with steam; sous vide cooking, steam for steaming, steam for stewing, steam for gentle crisping, steam for baking and roasting. The oven automatically measures the correct amount of steam needed for every application.

    Approx height:
    Approx height iconThis appliance is approximately 45cm high. Please check the manual or installation instructions or AEG website for the exact dimensions. You can find the links at the bottom of this page.

    Energy label:
    Energy label iconThe EU energy label is designed to provide consumers with accurate, recognisable and comparable information on domestic household products regarding energy consumption, performance and other essential characteristics.

    Click on the icon on the left for more information.

    German Engineered:
    German Engineered iconThis products is engineered in Germany. We only sell the highest quality kitchen appliances direct from Europe.

    Electrical information

    Hong Kong Compatible:
    Hong Kong Compatible iconThis product operates on 230V / 50Hz and can be used without any problem in Hong Kong. Note that most appliances won't have a power plug and need to be connected by a licensed electrician.


    EU + HK warranty:
    EU + HK warranty icon All kitchen appliances sold by come with a 60-day Hong Kong peace-of-mind warranty provided by ImportAppliances. If anything happens with your appliance within the first 60 days after delivery, we will either have your appliances repaired free of charge at your home or we will have it replaced. Note that while most manufacturers no longer cover international warranty, however we are always here to help you if you have any issue with your appliance. You can contact our after-sales team via the chat or email. For more info, check out our warranty policy, by clicking on the warranty icon on the left.

    Import Taxes

    Tax Free:
    Tax Free iconThis item is completely tax free! You won't be paying any tax. Click on the icon on the left for more information on import taxes.

    Download Manuals

    User Manual:
    User Manual iconWARNING: This product might not have a user manual in English available yet. Please check the AEG website for more info or contact us.
    Please note that most products will only come with printed user manual in German, Dutch or French.

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    AEG Black Combi Steam oven KSK798280B